Aerosol Test Baths

The ASC Aerosol Test Bath series cover all water bath testing requirements up to 180 cans per minute. Our machines are designed to work in the humid environment, we use stainless steel and anodised aluminium in all the areas where corrosion is likely. We can offer a wide range of floor plan arrangements to suit your space. We can supply the typical internal aerosol clip and also a 1” and 20mm articulated clip. These machines are economical and well engineered, take a look…


  • Speeds from 60 to 180 with 3 minutes immersion time (different sized water test tanks)
  • Pneumatic / hydraulic raise and lower system for the can carriage – auto over temperature raise.
  • Stainless steel transport chain as standard.
  • Tool free change parts in most positions.
  • Proven reliable system