Shave Gel Blending Pump

Shave gel and shower gel blending pump for indexing aerosol machines. This pump would typically be used to fill blended gel into the Bag On Valve (BOV) system. Each pump cycle forces measured doses of each component (soap base and Isopentane) together in a special mixing chamber. The two parts are shear mixed using a Sulzer static mixer to achieve a homogenised blend.

The unit can be adjusted from around 1.7% - 12% of Isopentane to soap. Typical maximum filling capacities are 190ml (40mm ram size) and 300ml (50 ram size).

This pump system is connected to a through the valve filling nozzle with an appropriate valve adapter.

A single system can be used on a pilot plant or for small scale production. Ganging the systems together will increase filling speed. On a single index aerosol machine two pumps can achieve around 20-25 cans per minute depending upon viscosity and volume.

Alternatively we offer a system of larger capacity and without volume adjustment. This arrangement will blend and pump gel to a pressurised accumulator with position control. Your existing filling pumps can take pre blended gel from the accumulator and fill to the can. This system may prove the most economical for the conversion of an existing aerosol filling machine.


  • Economical system for low to medium speed applications Wide range of adjustment of blend ratio Sulzer static mixer with 10 elements for perfect blending