Bag on Valve Crimper and Filler

A machine for laboratory or small scale production use with the ‘bag on valve’ barrier systems or the Power container ‘Power Pouch’ system. The can is pressurised with compressed air or Nitrogen prior to crimping. Once crimped the product is filled under high pressure through the valve. Pressurisation pressure and fill volume are all adjustable. This machine also has a standard fill head for conventional aerosol filling. Typical operating speed 10-15 cans per minute.


  • Switchable between UTC or standard crimping
  • Vacuum valve lift check during the UTC cycle
  • 50-300mm tall cans
  • 35 – 65mm diameter tins
  • 20-200ml ; 30-300ml or 40-400ml product metering options
  • No Valve No Fill nozzle