Hot water aerosol test bath

The ASC Aerosol Hot Water Test Bath is designed for testing aerosol products in accordance with the BAMA / FEA guidelines. The machine is formed of two main parts : The loading turret and the water tank. A stainless steel chain is used to carry the cans from the loading turret trough to the tank, the cans pass up and down the tank of hot water in a serpentine fashion to maximise the residence time. The machine is driven by an electric motor gearbox located on the top of the machine turret. This drives the main shaft through a pair of gears. A torque limiter is fitted to the driving gear to stop the machine should a jam condition arise. Each of the smaller starwheels is fitted with a similar torque limiter device to stop the machine and protect the cans / machine should a can present in an abnormal way.  All doors of the loading turret and water tank are interlocked. The machine can only run with all doors closed. The doors of the hot water tank are also bolted closed. When in use the tank doors cannot be opened.



The machine can be fitted with different heating systems. The heating is carefully controlled to maintain a constant temperature. A safety system exists to prevent water from becoming to hot, in the event in the event of an emergency or temperature the cans are immediately removed from the water.



13th Sept 2017


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