CO2 filling machine for leading brand of maintenance spray

This project involved the installation of an extra filling machine into an existing line to increase capacity. The ASC machine included conveyor to take cans from the existing line and return them after processing. The ASC Single Index machine used a cambox drive and all PLC control through EExm solenoid valve control.

The new machine is significantly faster then the older machinery. The line capacity is increased by 70%.

PLC control allowed us to program automatic QA procedures. The old QA process required an operator to produce samples for analysis by hand wasting production time. For the new machine can QA samples are produced by the press of a button. Many operator functions have a level of automation or security programed in. If the product level or any components run out the new machine will raise messages and stop the machine.

Solvent filling was completed in two steps followed by a single active product fill. The valve was placed and checked, then crimped. Finally Carbon Dioxide was impact gassed using our CO2 filling pump. This pump is driven by a 160 diameter SMC air cylinder.

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12th Nov 2012

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